Friday, May 1, 2009

Derby Day

Ok, here's my rendition of Derby Day. I couldn't seem to hold the camera still--must be all those mint juleps!! LOL! Or the fact that I'm still a little weak from being sick.
Anyway, my inspiration came from Melissa's comment about hats and I remember a Unity stamp I had gotten yesterday that was a hat. Since I didn't have a Brentwood drinking mint juleps but I did have one of him drinking a martini, I decided to go with it. As you can see, I feminized him a bit. But he loves to play dress-up and just couldn't resist that beeuutiful hat!!!!!
See what you think!!!!


mollymoo951 said...

Sam - this is CUTE!

Love the hat and the mint julep!

And...there's men that wear derby hats! (wink)

Danni said...

This is so cute!! What a wonderful, creative card!

Morgaine said...

very cute! I just got two Brentwood owls in the mail today. Can't wait to use them. I love the sparkle!

Jacilynn said...

soo Cute! Love this