Thursday, April 23, 2009


Hi Ladies!
SOrry I haven't posted in a day or two. Been really sick and at the ER twice. They've decided I have pancreatitis and and ulcer! No fun!!! But at least they can be fixed with meds. No invasive treatment. Anyway, I have been working on some more cards and will post more tomorrow.
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Talk to you soon!!


Sassy Scrapin' said...

Sam, glad to see you back here girl! Hopefully the meds will kick in and you will get better!

BloomingPink said...

Oh my goodness.

I sure do hope you feel better soon!

That doesn't sound like any kind of fun.

I had a friend at work that got pancreatit...(spelling - geez) anyway...he got it after being on the South Beach diet...he lost a lot of weight then had that problem flair up...

Anyway....get better!